Activities Committee:

Plans social events for the Chapter. Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11:30am. Open to all members.  Contact Toni Osberry for more information.

Legal Affairs Committee:

The primary purpose of the LAC is to provide information and education on current construction law matters to Austin AGC member contractors. Other tasks on behalf of the Chapter may arise as needed. The LAC does not provide legal advice or services to the Chapter or its members.  The LAC is composed of a minimum of 3 attorneys whose practices focus on construction law and 1 contractor company representative.

Safety Committee:

Provides information and discussion about current construction safety issues. Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30am.  Contact Larry Connelly for more information.

Construction Leadership Council:

Serves as an educational and networking source for younger professionals in the industry. Meets periodically.  Contact Toni Osberry for more information.